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                      Interjection :

                 I'm sorry that our server is not updated regularly. Since being equestrian large amount races and other activities in summer 2013 does not manage to postprocess fully. Therefore, all images in the galleries have reduced quality.         




- in the next few days will be updated gallery components:





Attention !!!                                                   Attention !!!


          Inter. stránky budou v blizke dobe nahrazeni novou domenou :


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        K dispozici budou galerie jen od data 1/2013. Všechny galerie teto sezony jsou již online k dispozici. Důvod ruseni galerii je prechod k novemu inter. poskytovateli. 



Inter. site will be shortly replaced by a new domain:            


in full resolution:  

       There will be a gallery from the date 1/2013. All galleries this season are already available online. Due to interference gallery transition to a new inter. providers.             



Cancelled events:     





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